The Honorable Peace book is now available in Arabic

The Honorable Peace book is now available in Arabic

Finally, the book is available in the native language of the Palestinians, in Arabic, published by Ghorab Publishing, إصدار حديث السلام مع الكرامة تأليف جوتفريد هونر ترجمة ماجد عزت اسرائيل دار غراب للنشر والتوزيع دار غراب للنشر والتوزيع القاهرة Maged… | Instagram.

The book gives a surprisingly simple answer to the decisive question of how the Palestinians will get their own state: What will be more important to them, peace, or revenge? If they choose peace, they will get their own state.

Forty years ago, the author, a Catholic theologian, spent a full year studying Islam with a Sudanese Shaykh in Egypt and in Sudan.

The idea to the book and his writings about the conflict began with 9/11. After another 18 years of carefully considering the needs of both sides the book was ready to be published. It was translated into Arabic by the Egyptian religious studies scholar, Dr. Maged Ezzat.

Please see for yourself.